Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 I have been using a brand of lip-gloss from Walgreens for at least 2.5 years. It’s called Jordana Squeeze~n’~ Shine. This gloss is a nice compliment to most lipsticks and also looks great worn alone. I was only getting them from Walgreens and then I recently discovered that I could purchase them online directly from the company at www.jordanacosmetics.com. At only $1.99 these are a great deal and steal!! My favorites are Honey Luau (a soft gold), Lollipop (iridescent soft pink), Peach Sand (a nice champagne color) and my new favorite is Sugar Lips (a nice pink shimmer that has just enough pink that is not over powering). You want to stock up on as many of these as you can for your makeup bags ladies. Enjoy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ashley Stewarts New Frangrace LAVISH!

Over the weekend I went to Ashley Stewart in Southfield MI located on Southfield Road to purchase a birthday gift and while there I got a few items for myself. While in there I noticed the line was a little long , it was only one cashier and I was in a hurry to make it on time to my next engagement. Then a lady who heard me ask the cashier were there anymore cashiers to assit her turned around and said to me, "what's your name, I know you, well I know your voice" LOL. I told her Rashida and she ended up being a lady who wanted me to do her makeup a few years ago. She saw that I was in a rush to get going and she and the lady in front of her told me I could get in front of them. I thought the gesture was so kind, so I decided to stay. Side Note~ as I looked around the store I was quite impressed with the decor for the accessories. It was so girly and well a little lavish. They have a big table with the jewerly carefully displayed on beautiful stands and boxes etc and a very sheek mirror sits in the middle as the focal point. Ok..so Im in line and as I make my purchase the cashier tells me because I spent over $50.00 I get a small bottle of thier new fragrance Lavish. I was like ok..great thanks I thought. Well last night I finally opened my new fragrance and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. It smells so exquisite and rich and expensive. This is a must have for the fall and winter season ladies. The smell is not too sweet and not to heavy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lipcolor Lipstick and Liptricks!!

I am slowly becoming a lover of lipstick. What I mean is that I always tend to do a gloss with color, but lately Ive been using lots of lipstick on my clients and they are going crazy over them. One  recent color that I have fallen head over heels for is Rebel by M.A.C. It's a rich purple/berry color that pops on most all skin tones from light to dark. You can use it with or without liner.  It looks amazing on. Try out some new lip color today.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Weddings My Brides

Today I had to great pleasure of being the makeup artist for Mrs. Tonya Willams Brown as her makeup artist for her wedding day. Me and my assistant for today from The GlamRUs Staff Shannon Forrest arrived at Greater Mitchell C.O.G.I.C in Detroit, MI . The first room that we were to serve her in was not lit well enough with natural light so we were moved to a room with more windows where the natural light came through  and once in there we set up in record time to service Mrs Williams. Because Tonya and I had not had a trial (which was not really necessary) I asked her only one question about her look and that was would she be ok with a rich color lip and she declined and requested something more softer. Since this was to be an 11 am wedding, I decided for a soft look that would flow well with her beautiful cascading curls. I also choose a lash look that would be show stopping but would not stop the show! and to give her face a little dimension I would do some soft simple contouring. Nothing too over the top for this classy lady (although she is a diva.......)
 Let me just say that Tonya is not only a friend but she was my former supervisor for a few years. She has been a constant encouragement in my makeup career since I have known here and I am most appreciative of that.
The atmosphere was just right and just so awesome as I served her this morning. Now let me share that my pandora NEVER works in church buildings but today it played from the time I walked in until the time I walked out and I had it on the Anthony Evans station and all the most beautiful worship music played and I really just wanted to worship God but I couldnt stop because Tonya had to be ready (tee hee). She was totally in tune with the Lord this morning and the presence of The Holy Spirit was a sweet savor in the room. There were plenty of times that I wanted to put down my brushes and just worship but again,duty called. Tonya was easy to work with and her family was right there by her side happy for her. I was just happy to be there and be in the number as a servant. God bless you First Lady Williams CONGRATULATIONS!!MUAH!!
Here are a few  photos for you to enjoy of of her transformation.....
the products used were

Monday, March 19, 2012

I love my Brides and they love me back!!

The Wedding Day is one of the most important in a ladies life. One most have dreamed about since being little girls. They want the day to be peaceful , serene and they want to be and feel beautiful. I have been blessed to be part of 100's of brides wedding days. I've been doing bridal makeup since 2001 and I love it. I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of my brides that have utilized my services down through the years. Bridal is a large part of my business and I am quite grateful for all of the success that my clients have brought me. Wedding season is here now and it's started off wonderfully. I wanted to take some time a post a few reviews from some of my brides. The photos I posted are not necessarily next to the review. They are just a few of my beautiful brides.


The glam doctor was very professional and did an excellent job. She was on time and actually had time to do a last minute item for me. She is concerned with everything so that i didnt have to. Very highly recommended. Also, our make up lasted through tears at the wedding and dancing at the reception,

Bride Whitney Hatton

I have a wonderful experience with the Glam Doctor! I was so happy with the makeup services that I recieved for the day! I felt more beautiful than ever! Not only was the team great and professional but they were also very friendly and kind to work with. My whole bridal party was so impressed with the services that they seen me recieve, that me and my girls will be using the Glam Doctor in the future! I highly recommend this vendor!

Bride Kellae Shropshire

Wonderful young lady and her staff.  The glam doctor listened to me from day one on how i wanted to be made up for my wedding. she did such a wonderful job on myself and my bridal party. she was ever so accommodating to me when i added on another person to my bridal party 2 days before my wedding. the glam doctor did not rush nor did they do a rush job. I/we felt as though we were their only clients for the whole day. The Glam Doctor and staff blended into my family as if they were family. They kept it professional and to the point. Everyone got a touch up kit for their make up and I/the bride got a little extra bag which was a goody bag for me. i cant wait to go out again to put on some more make-up,

Bride Melanie Gordon

I love the GLAM DOCTOR!!! She makes you feel like a celebrity when getting your make up done. She arrived on time, had everything she needed for set up. I asked for a natural look because I don't usually wear a lot of make up. She could not have done a more perfect job. I was beautiful and I felt beautiful the entire day. Unfortunately, I tend to sweat (alot), but my makeup lasted! She packed up her area, quietly left, like a fairy godmother, leaving a touch-up kit with my maid of honor. She's a must have for any event you want to look your absolute best!!!

Bride Loretta France

My entire experience with the GlamDoctor was impeccable! The entire service I felt so embellished and beautiful for my special day. The Glamdoctor and her team made me feel extremly comfortable, relaxed and worried free. They were more together, on-time, and in order than I ever imagined! GlamDoctor you are awesome for any special occassion/service anyone needs! Mrs. Harris

Bride Jamia Harris

I had an awesome experience with the Glam Doctor and her associates. They did the makeup for myself, my mother and mother-in-law and my entire bridal party. They were completely professional, timely, and made us all look GLAMOUROUS!!! Every single lady looked amazing. Couldn't have been happier. Rashida took notes during our trial, and found me the exact look I wanted. I couldn't have been happier. I used Rashida for my bridal shower as well - I got compliments from overseas - saying how my makeup looked amazing and flawless.

Bride Nausheen Hasan

The Glam Doctor was the make-up artist for my wedding day. She was on time and very patient. She enhanced the beauty of myself and members of my wedding party. From the trial to the moment she finished on my wedding day, she was professional and provided excellent work. I truly felt like a Princess. I recommend The Glam Doctor to any and every bride, birthday girl, anniversary, or whatever the occasion may be.

Bride Chenel Ogletree Goddette

Friday, March 16, 2012

Perfect Foundation for ME!!

I had to write a blog today about finally finding a foundation that matches my skintone perfectly. I must be honest and say that over the past 6 months I have been on a hunt for 'me' personally to find a flawless foundation. I have tried so many highend brands and wasted $100's of dollars. I was either too red, too dark or too yellow. I would have to just mix about 3 or 4 things together from different lines to get my color. Well the other day at the suggestion of a friend I picked up Ruby Kisses 3-D Face Creator. I bought some for my professional kit and decided to try it on myself. WELL WELL WELL. I must say that I screamed..when I applied it!! I almost cried. It went on smoothly and covered one of my imperfections on my face without a lot of work. I only had to mix the two colors and BAM my skin looked amazing!! I have VERY sensitive skin and no itching or anything!! I am SOLD!! My color is LEVEL 12....I am very happy and very grateful for the amazing makeup artist who helped to recreate the line Danessa Myricks!! she NAILED it with the colors and guess what..It only cost $4.99 !!! that's it..You can find it at your local Beauty Supply Stores!! Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello Beauties
I love lashes and have found a new lash that I am completely in love with by LASplash Cosmetics at ULTA. I first purchased these lashes for a client back in January and she loved them so I bought myself a pair. I now cannot live without these. These are a staple in my personal kit. They are not expensive either only $4.99 and you can reuse them over and over again. They make me not only feel pretty and flirty but they make my eyes dance.