Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ashley Stewarts New Frangrace LAVISH!

Over the weekend I went to Ashley Stewart in Southfield MI located on Southfield Road to purchase a birthday gift and while there I got a few items for myself. While in there I noticed the line was a little long , it was only one cashier and I was in a hurry to make it on time to my next engagement. Then a lady who heard me ask the cashier were there anymore cashiers to assit her turned around and said to me, "what's your name, I know you, well I know your voice" LOL. I told her Rashida and she ended up being a lady who wanted me to do her makeup a few years ago. She saw that I was in a rush to get going and she and the lady in front of her told me I could get in front of them. I thought the gesture was so kind, so I decided to stay. Side Note~ as I looked around the store I was quite impressed with the decor for the accessories. It was so girly and well a little lavish. They have a big table with the jewerly carefully displayed on beautiful stands and boxes etc and a very sheek mirror sits in the middle as the focal point. Im in line and as I make my purchase the cashier tells me because I spent over $50.00 I get a small bottle of thier new fragrance Lavish. I was like ok..great thanks I thought. Well last night I finally opened my new fragrance and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. It smells so exquisite and rich and expensive. This is a must have for the fall and winter season ladies. The smell is not too sweet and not to heavy.

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